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We are very happy to tender for any Bridge equipment that you need and are confident you will choose Dockside Global as your preferred supplier.

Dockside Global can supply any product/component to ensure your Yacht operates to the highest safety standards.

Safe Navigational operation goes without saying but can’t be achieved without the right equipment for the vessel and proper training of the crew.

With Dockside Global as your technical partner you can be sure your vessel operates to the highest standards with the most modern and cost-effective equipment on the Bridge.

  • Tablet and Device purchase
  • Accessories cases and more
  • Computer and Internet Devices
  • Satellite Phones
  • Electronics
  • Bridge Equipment
  • Nautical Charts and Books
  • Flags and Signs
  • Chart Work Instruments
  • Binoculars , Torches and Thermal Imaging
  • Please get in touch with our sales team…

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    About Dockside Global

    The company was established as a direct response to many superyacht Captains and Crew requests for a reliable and quality-driven firm that directly understands your needs and interprets them to the best effect.

    Strategically located in the Port of Southampton, UK, Dockside Global has grown from small beginnings into a true Partner for the most discerning superyachts.

    We cover the world and can get your urgent items hand delivered to you, wherever you are as fast as we can.


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