Privacy Policy

Dockside Global Ltd collects, holds and manages member and personal information in order to represent its members, to advance the library and information profession and improve the provision of library and information services worldwide. DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD complies with the Data Protection Act.

Collection of personal information

DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD collects personal information primarily for the purpose of conducting its business efficiently and effectively. DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD collects personal information from individuals through completed forms, telephone calls, direct mail, e-mail, member visits, face-to-face meetings, events, etc. The person supplying the information is advised of the purpose for which the information is being collected.

Use and disclosure of personal information

Unless required by law DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD will not disclose personal information about an individual unless the individual has provided consent, either at the time of providing the information or following a specific request.

DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD does not normally collect sensitive information. However where information collected may be regarded as sensitive it will not be disclosed without the explicit consent of the individual. Where such information is requested, in general the Association will advise the party/parties seeking such information to obtain it directly.

Management of personal information

DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD has set in place procedures to ensure that personal information is protected from misuse, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD aims to ensure that personal information it collects is accurate, current, complete and held only for as long as necessary. An individual has the right to seek access to any personal information the Association holds about them and to request that any perceived inaccuracy be corrected.

If an individual requests access to their own personal information, DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD will make all reasonable efforts to provide such access. Similarly, if an individual requests that their own personal information be deleted or destroyed, DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD will make all reasonable efforts to do so.

DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD identifies information about individuals by their name or by an identifier created by the Association.

DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD Council members, contractors, service/product providers and other individuals acting in their capacity as DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD representatives or performing services on behalf of DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of individuals.


Individuals have the right to be dealt with anonymously, provided it is lawful and practicable.  DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD aims to accommodate this as far as possible.


DOCKSIDE GLOBAL LTD will review and update this policy as necessary to take into account any changes to its operations and practices or changes to the laws governing privacy.