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Dockside Global enjoys an enviable relationship with the International Maritime Medical Association (IMMA). This Association looks after crew health matters, PEME advice and has produced its flagship IMMA Maritime Medical Stores Catalogue. This Catalogue is unique in the maritime world because not only does it list all the medicines and medical equipment any vessel is likely to need it also lists the recommended dosage which is something that no other Catalogue does.

Dockside Global specialise in the supply of marine safety equipment to the super yacht industry. We work with many manufacturers of marine safety equipment. Customised safety equipment with yachts name & logos is also available. Below are some but not limited to the types of equipment that we supply:

  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Personal Survival equipment
  • Life-rafts
  • Man overboard (MOB)
  • Lifejackets
  • Survival Suits & TPA’s
  • Immersion Suits
  • Rescue boats
  • Defibrillators

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