Interiors – Uniform Management Services

Dockside Global Uniform Management Service has created this bespoke service to allow your vessel to purchase large quantities of uniforms and store ashore and shipped out to you at a moments notice.

We can monitor your stock levels, let you know when your stock is running low.

  • Warehousing and Global Distribution
  • Live Stock Updates
  • We store your uniform
  • 24 Hr Security Video Monitoring
  • Intrusion/Fire Alarms
  • Air Conditioned Storage

All management programmes are tailored to customer requirements and budget for more information or a quote for your specific requirements, please be in touch.

24 hours/7 days a week.

Allows you to buy in larger numbers so that designs never discontinue.

Older stock, that you longer need we donate to our charities.

Ship all of your additional uniform, either on season charter and off season uniform over to us, we organise, count , inventorise, store and update online.

Request A Quote:

    Four Simple Steps:

    of Stock

    Send us your uniform : Charter, Off Charter, Winter, Boss trip or additional interior items


    We count, organise into categories and complete a full list of inventory. We create a log-in username and password so your stock can be checked 24 hours 7 days a week.

    Storage & Easy Access

    Easy Access. Inventory Controlled Storage Dockside Global stores your items in a secure 24 hr security video monitoring system

    Stock Request and Shipping

    When stock is required a simply email your request, stock is pulled and shipped internationally. Inventories are updated online.

    About Dockside Global

    The company was established as a direct response to many superyacht Captains and Crew requests for a reliable and quality-driven firm that directly understands your needs and interprets them to the best effect.

    Strategically located in the Port of Southampton, UK, Dockside Global has grown from small beginnings into a true Partner for the most discerning superyachts.

    We cover the world and can get your urgent items hand delivered to you, wherever you are as fast as we can.


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